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Imani Natural Products

"I appreciate you and your beautiful oils and honest, professional, kind and quality... — Amy E
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Brian & Stacey

This is a family business and it is our lifestyle. We personally select every essential oil. We hand-pour every bottle. And when you place an order, we know you by name!

Imani means Faith

Our mission is to be a vessel through which God can work to provide medicinal quality essential oils for those who seek them.
Since 1993

A True Story

Imani Today

Choosing to purchase and use essential oils that you can trust is an important decision. I personally select each essential oil for Imani Natural Products. My intimate sense of essential oil quality is borne from working with them on a daily basis since 1993. They are the oils that we use with our family and provide to naturopathic clinics, holistic chiropractors, body workers and others who desire to maintain responsibility for their health care decisions. Imani oils are individually hand poured, allowing for a continual assessment of quality from batch to batch and year to year. The skill and art of evaluating essential oils, coupled with the intent of using them personally, creates an exceptional continuity of quality that is our service to you.

We care deeply

While music and aroma can be meticulously charted on paper, the quality of music is best experienced by listening and the quality of aroma is best experienced by smelling. In “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance”, Robert Pirsig is asked to define quality? Are there ways to measure quality objectively, or is it just what you like? He discovered that his students could reliably agree on which of their peers' writing was high quality, but they could not precisely define why. Quality is real, but difficult, impossible really, to measure or define apart from the actual thing. Quality has both a subjective and objective aspect. It takes practice and ultimately those who care deeply can sense the highest quality.

Supporting meaningful projects worldwide

We appreciate you

Stacey atop Execution Rock in Eswatini Africa

Imani Professional Associate

We offer a Professional Discount to Natural Practitioners. ​No sign-up fee. No minimum order. Not multi-level. If you are a natural practitioner, we invite your application
Our ambition is to lead a quiet life, to work with our hands, to do good and help others who are in need.