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Sound, Light and Aroma

My imagination was captured by the world of natural plant aromas in 1993 Initially, we partnered with the Oshadhi brand and printed 300 copies of our first mail-order catalog, placed ads and waited for the phone to ring. And rang it did! We were retailing bottles of Oshadhi, along with sourcing our own oils and offering them under “The Apothecary” label. In 1997, a friend found a bookmark with the name IMANI on it and felt compelled to give it to me. My eyes lit up and I said, "This is the name for our essential oils!" From that moment, everything changed.

Imani means Faith

It inspired us to look at our business differently. We limited our focus to 40 essential oils from organic and wildcrafted sources, enabling us to become more familiar with each oil. Since that time, we have carefully expanded our inventory with additional oils, synergies and formulas.